Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips

This is such an exciting time and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t take the time and effort to find a dress or outfit that can help you look your best on such a proud and special day.

Whether you are buying online or visiting us in one of our boutiques then we are here to support you in finding that perfect outfit for your daughter or son’s wedding.

Although there are no hard and fast rules about what you should wear and how you should accessorise there are a few accepted norms in place, such as:

  • It is normal for the mother of the bride to select her outfit before the mother of the groom but this is not always the case, it is important though to keep the lines of communication open to avoid unfortunate clashes or matches.
  • Although some of us prefer bright vivid colours, the typical colour palette for wedding outfits is muted tones and this is so that you can complement and work with the bridal party, rather than taking over. If you’re scared of these pale colours we can help you, it’s all about finding the right shade and tone for your complexion.

If you’re coming into one of our boutiques, we have a range of dresses and outfits to suit you. We believe that every shopping experience is unique, so whether you’re coming alone, with your son/daughter, or all together as a group, you should embrace the day. It should be a fun day when you try on dresses, so don’t get disheartened if the first few outfits aren’t right. You’ll get lots of friendly advice from our skilled and experienced staff.

You should try on different colours, silhouettes, fabrics and styles. Our team will help you establish what looks and feels good for your special day and don’t be shy either! Never be afraid to be upfront about what you really like or don’t like. This makes our job easier and we can find your perfect outfit much quicker.

You’d be surprised at how many end up picking the wild card once they’ve had the opportunity to browse and try on our fantastic range. We are open seven days a week and you now have to book an appointment because we think it’s important to have the space and time to browse at leisure and try on any outfit in a safe environment. 

If you’re looking online then we still want to help you find ‘the one’ that will be the perfect fit (and look and feel and colour and style) and that’s why we’re available on the phone or via email to answer any questions you have. 

We offer a one-stop-shop where you can find the whole outfit – from hat to shoes – in one place, with exclusive millinery designs that perfectly match the look you choose. You can secure your outfit for a £250 deposit, with final payment on collection or a monthly payment scheme (with no hidden charges, fees or credit checks) if you prefer.