All Your Questions Answered

All Your Questions Answered

Let’s try and answer those questions

We know that finding the perfect outfit can be difficult, especially on such an important occasion so we’ve pulled together all our most frequently asked questions and style tips to help you make that choice.

How do I get the most from my shopping trip?

Before going to a boutique, search through magazines or look online for ideas. This will give you the starting point you need. Our designer lookbook of mother of the bride and groom outfits is a good place to begin.

The most important tip we can give you is to try lots of different dress styles. Go shopping armed with ideas and styles you have seen and tell the shop assistant what you have in mind. But never discount other dresses as you won’t know what looks good on until you try it. In our experience, 9 out of 10 ladies leave our boutique with something they would never have thought they would wear! 

How do I make my outfit work from day to night?

Look for an outfit that can see you through from day to night. Many dress and jacket combinations transform into a different outfit once the jacket is taken off, giving you a fresh look for the evening. 

How do I get the style and sizing right?

It can be tempting to shop for smaller sizes with the intention of losing weight, but why put yourself under extra pressure? If you want to lose weight, buy the dress that fits perfectly at that time and have it altered closer to the time. Remember, it’s easy to take a dress in but not always possible to take it out. 

If you are unsure of what style of dress to go for, trends can be a great way to get inspired. But trend shopping doesn’t always get results. One of the most important tips for mother of the bride outfits is to find a shape and colour that suits you, regardless of what’s ‘in’. It’s very important to shop for your body shape, as everyone is different. 

What if I have a more curvy figure? 

The golden rule for complementing a curvy figure is ensuring that the jacket to go with the dress or trousers is long enough to extend past the hips. This transforms the silhouette to be more slender and streamlined. Additionally, ruching, pleats and layered fabric are great for hiding imperfections. So, there are many ways to make your outfit work for you, even if you’re self-conscious about certain areas. Lower necklines and lightweight and floaty fabrics such as lace and chiffon (also extremely on trend) can be very flattering in drawing the eye to the areas you want to show off.

What if I’m petite, will I have less choice?

For petite women, the secret lies in accentuating the best attributes of your figure by wearing a shorter jacket. This will create a perfect silhouette that is flattering in all the right places. For shorter ladies who want to elongate their figure, try to opt for a slightly shorter dress length and style with high heels. Large prints, vertical stripes or loose-fitting garments are probably best avoided, but do consider outfits with texture, and carefully placed pattern or horizontal stripes on the bodice. A peplum shape can be effective at lengthening a short body and enhancing a slim waist, while three-quarter sleeves are very flattering and also fashionable. High waists and slim-cut outfits just on or below the knee will elongate your legs and add elegance to your look. The classic shift dress is also a good choice for petite frames, especially paired with a lightweight jacket, lace coat or wrap. We stock a wide range of petite outfits to help you chose the perfect one.

Do I need a hat or fascinator and how do I chose?

Many customers think that they don’t suit hats, but that’s usually because they haven’t been properly fitted for a hat before. The high street simply doesn’t cater for everyone’s different needs, but a specialist boutique has so many styles to choose from and there’s something for everyone.  At Nigel Rayment, we are milliners by trade, so we are experienced in helping women find the perfect headpiece to complete their look. From large, show-stopping hats to classy hatinators that don’t obstruct the face for kissing and greeting other guests, or elegant fascinators to keep it simple, there are so many to try. 

If you decide to opt for a fascinator or hatinators instead, they come with a band and this is a stylish feature that is a part of the design. We advise women to embrace it as it often adds to their outfit. But if you would like to keep it hidden, just see your hairdresser to discuss hairstyle options that can cover the band. 

Should I match with the bridal party colours?

Finding an outfit that works with the bridal colours can be a real headache, especially if the chosen wedding colours don’t suit your skin tone or style, or you are struggling to get a perfect match. Our advice is to consider a complementary (darker or lighter) shade that you know will suit you when you are browsing, as this avoids the risk of a colour clash or an outfit you’re not happy with. Do liaise with other members of the wedding party (especially your opposite number mum) but remember that these days many wedding couples are opting for a more relaxed approach to colour theming outfits, and the most important consideration for everyone is looking and feeling confident in their outfit.

Consider choosing an outfit in a versatile colour (a neutral or navy for instance) and then picking out the wedding colours in hat, bag and shoes. This will widen your range of options and may give you an outfit you are more likely to want to wear again.

Often our customer’s are afraid of picking a muted shade as they’re used to bold, vibrant colours but the key is to find the right shade to complement your complexion and we can help with that.

The wedding’s abroad, should that mean a different style of outfit?

Many Nigel Rayment clients are looking for outfits that will work for high summer or overseas weddings. The good news is that these days the emphasis is on comfort with style, so you can keep your cool even if the temperature is tropical. Look for lightweight dresses with lace jackets, coats or capes that can be removed – and choose soft sleeves if you are self-conscious about your upper arms or pick one of our wraps to give you extra coverage.

For overseas weddings, we offer a great range of flattering and comfortable dresses and separates that are specifically designed for weddings where the climate requires cool but stylish dressing. 

Will I have to sacrifice comfort for looks?

It doesn’t matter how glamorous the outfit is, if you don’t feel comfortable on the day – or don’t feel like you. This is why it’s important to try on lots of different choices. At Nigel Rayment, we have many options that are specifically designed with both glamour and ease in mind. It may help to also consider the kind of outfits you normally wear and feel good in – we all have our favourite styles and you want to look like you on your son or daughter’s wedding day. 

Remember that we offer an alterations service, so that if an outfit is almost perfect but needs some adjustment, we can advise you on how to get the look and the comfort you want.

I want to make sure my arms/tummy/legs are covered, can you help?

If you have any particular areas you are self-conscious about (and, let’s face it, we all do), we have outfits to enhance your strong points and skim over others you’re not so keen on. Figure flattering shapes, soft sleeves, waterfall jackets and a whole host of other flattering designer features are included in our extensive range, and our stylists are happy to share their tips and tricks of the trade for ensuring you feel confident and glamorous.