Ian Stuart’s Privileged Insights on Mother of the Bride and Groom Outfit Choices

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On the Difficulties in Choosing a Dress

When quizzed about what it is that makes shopping for a mother of the bride and groom dress in London and Manchester so difficult, Stuart stated that much of the problem comes down to confidence. He spoke of how many of the women he deals with directly simply have no idea how beautiful the right dress could make them look, which in many cases leads to poor decision-making on the back of a blinkered approach. As such, a little guidance from those in the know can work wonders.

On Glamorous Dress Tips for Older Ladies

As far as Ian Stuart is concerned, age-appropriateness doesn’t matter nearly as much as personality. Or in other words, an Ian Stuart mother of the bride and groom dress should be chosen largely in accordance with the personality of the individual, rather than simply their age. He also spoke of age being no barrier to glamorousness or dress choices – it may be as simple as adding an arm-covering or a jacket for those preferring not to show-off too much skin.

On Dresses That Flatter All Figures

As for Stuart’s thoughts on failsafe dress choices you simply cannot go wrong with regardless of shape, he singled out fuller skirts and the use of pleats – both of which are ideally suited to hiding unwanted ‘lumps and bumps’. He also highly recommends designs with in-built corsetry for those craving a slightly sleeker waistline.

On Accessories

Rather than singling out specific accessories, Stuart’s simple advice for accessorising a mother of the bride was to think about exactly how you accessories in everyday life and then replicate the same effect, only on a fractionally more elevated level. He advised against getting carried away and maintained that simplicity always stands out.

On This Winter’s Must-Wear Colours

Going into the winter of 2014, Stuart suggested that we’ll be seeing a great deal more metallic colours making their way into the mother of the bride shops in London and Manchester. He spoke of many modern mother of the bride and groom outfits sticking with the old favourites, but at the same time acknowledged the return to fame of platinum, steel, silver and gold for the winter season.

Condici’s Golden Rules for Choosing Mother of the Bride and Groom Outfits

condici mother of the bride and groom outfits 2015

With such a wealth of industry experience we of course consider ourselves an authority on the subject of mother of the bride and groom outfits. However, we’re happy to admit that much of our inspiration comes directly from the wonderful designers and dressmakers that supply us with the garments that make up our personal collection, without whom we’d of course be unable to operate.

It can be difficult to know where to start when first facing the huge collection of dresses, hats, shoes and accessories we keep in stock. That being said, leading designers like Condici have earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the field and therefore represent an ideal starting point.

We’re extremely proud of the Condici mother of the bride and groom outfits we stock and make a point of listening with a keen ear when such a prestigious partner offers any advice. Echoing our very sentiments quite identically, Condici has published a series of simple guidelines aimed at anyone looking to pick up the most appropriate and outstanding mother of the bride outfits in London and Manchester, which feature a handful of essential tips we’d like to share with you.

For Curvier Figures

Complimenting a curvy figure with the right dress can lead to a result that’s simply jaw-dropping – it’s just a case of knowing how to make it happen. According to Condici, the secret lies in ensuring that the jacket chosen to compliment your dress is long enough to extend past the hips, which in turn transforms the silhouette with a more streamlined, slender effect.

For those concerned with the shape or size of their waist or bottom in particular, Condici highly recommends choosing a longer jacket over any straight dress.

For Petite Figures

As for petite women, the secret according to Condici lies in accentuating the best attributes of your figure by wearing a shorter jacket that’s considerably more fitted to your size. This again has a marked effect on the overall silhouette created and can be flattering in all the right places.

Striking the Right Balance

Another key tip from Condici concerns the matter of striking the right balance – as in how to look as wonderful as possible without crossing any of the rather blurred lines. Condici mother of the bride and groom outfits are designed to be understated and elegant, as opposed to trendy or fad-inspired. In addition, it’s crucial to make a choice that doesn’t lead to any clashes with the bride’s dress, or the mother of the groom.

A Word on Hats

Last up, Condici’s final word concerns how to choose the ideal hat to complement the look you’ve chosen. Hats should of course not be worn on the back of the head, but instead on the crown. In terms of design, all that matters is a hat that’s well-suited to your individual complexion and the rest of your outfit as a whole. And if you’re ever told you look great but don’t feel great, don’t forget that you’re the boss and it’s your opinion than matters most!

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Shopping for Mother of the Bride and groom Dresses

Selecting the ideal mother of the bride and groom outfits represents a tricky balancing act to say the least – one that’s always made easier with a little professional advice. We take huge pride in being one of the most highly-reputed mother of the bride shops in London and Manchester, but we nonetheless understand that there’s more to choosing the right dress than simply selecting a leading retailer.

The trouble is, there are certain bad habits and common mistakes it’s rather too easy to fall foul of when going about the endeavour, triggered in most instances by the immense pressure you’ll be feeling. That’s why we thought it prudent to share with you a brief outline of the most common dress shopping mistakes we encounter every day, in order that you yourself may steer clear of them entirely:

1 – Buying in Accordance With Trends

First up, when you take a look at any Linea Raffaelli mother of the bride and groom outfit, the first thing you’ll note is timelessness. Such collections look every bit as fresh in 2014 as they would have 30 years ago and will continue as such for decades to come. By contrast, mother of the bride and groom dresses created with trends in mind may have their moment in the sun, but will in a very short time be hideously outdated and lose their desirability enormously. So, when it comes to buying your own dress, side with timelessness rather than flash-in-the-pad fads.

2 – Being Rushed Into a Decision

There’s nothing we hate more than the overly-pressurised environment of most mother of the bride and groom shops. You book a slot from 2pm to 4pm, you’re pounced upon the second you walk in and you feel compelled to buy an outfit before your time slot expires, even if you’re not happy with it. Rushing the decision is frankly the worst possible thing you can do, which is exactly why we don’t use an appointments system but instead operate an open-door policy.

3 – Going Against Your Gut Feeling

When your shopping partner tells you that you look great, the store assistant says the same and the dress itself is stunning, it can be tempting to ignore the fact that you yourself do not feel comfortable in the dress at all. This is a big mistake as if you don’t feel radiant yourself, you will not glow on the big day. So, no matter what anyone else tells you and how glorious that Charles Linea Rafaelli dress may be, never ignore your gut feeling if it’s telling you it’s not for you.

4 – Ignoring Basic Comfort

Last but not least, there is no reason why your dream mother of the bride and groom outfit need not be gloriously comfortable and remain so for the whole of the day. It’s a common misconception to think that all such wedding dresses must inherently be difficult to wear and in some cases downright unpleasant – this is nothing more than a sign of poor quality. And the same also goes for choosing a dress that’s clearly too small or too big, regardless of the reasons you may have for doing so.

So Sensational in Mother of the Bride or Groom Outfits from the Nigel Rayment Boutique.


There is nothing quite as thrilling as the news that your daughter or son is getting married.  Then, after the Champagne and the excitement of discussing the wedding plans comes the realisation that you are going to be a main part of the wedding party. That means you are going to be on show and in the photos, and of course, that you will want to look your absolute best and most fabulous on the special day.

So the pressure is on to find The Outfit. The first piece of advice when it comes to finding a mother-of-the-bride outfit  is “don’t panic” because Cyndy and I, the co-founders of SoSensational the fashion website for grown-up women, promise you that, whether  your budget is £200 or £2,000, you will find a fabulous wedding outfit.

And providing you follow these simple guidelines, you will look totally fabulous on the special day.

  • Only take a friend, husband or family member with you if you totally trust their judgement and don’t feel intimidated or bullied by them

We all have friend/daughter/mum/husband whom we love dearly, but either their taste can be a bit iffy, or they put pressure on us to buy something we’re not sure about. Sometimes the relationship dynamic is such that you succumb to pressure and buy something you’re not totally happy with. If that’s the case, it is better to go alone and trust your own judgement, and that of the staff at the store where you are buying. These days, shops that specialise in mother-of-the-bride outfits and posh frocks know it is in their interest for the client to look and feel fabulous, so you can be confident they won’t push you into something that doesn’t look really good on you.

  • Choose the right colour for you

Colour is what is noticed first. If you don’t already know which colours (and which tones of colours) make your skin and hair look glowing, make you feel confident and elicit endless compliments, get your colours analysed, or – if there’s no time – do your own blink test in the shop.  As you try on something, look in the mirror and close your eyes for the count of 10. As you open them, do you see you or the colour. If it’s you, the colour is right; if it’s the colour, it’s wrong.

  • Choose a fit and shape that is right for your body shape

Again, the expertise and knowledge of the team where you are shopping should help you. They can see your shape and proportions and they know their stock. Let them guide you, but remember you need to feel happy and comfortable in the outfit. If it is too tight, or too constricting, you won’t feel comfortable and that will show. That said, a pair of Spanx can make all the difference to your silhouette. Just don’t buy them too small – that flesh has to go somewhere!

If the shop offers hats, bag and shoes, take advantage – they have done the hard work for you. But avoid being too matchy-matchy. If you are wearing a pale colour, perhaps choose the outfit and hat in one colour and accessorise with nude shoes and bag. Or keep your outfit, shoes and bag neutral – silver grey, nude, navy, coffee and mushroom are all super smart – and wear a dramatic hat in a standout colour.

  • Choose a hat that shows your face

Remember you are going to be in lots of pictures and it will be nice to see your smiling face. You will also be doing lots of kissing so choose a hat that doesn’t come too far down on your brow, or you run the risk of an over-excited uncle knocking your hat off before the bride has said “I do”.

  • Shoes are made for walking

They don’t have to be flat or ugly, but don’t choose a pair so high that it is painful to walk or dance in them or it will show on your face. If you really feel the need for sky-high heels, stash a pair of fold-up ballerinas for dancing.

  • Finally, smile and laugh (a lot)

When you smile and laugh, your body releases endorphins, which make you feel better. And remember, a radiant smile is what guests will remember long after they have forgotten the colour of your outfit…

Guest blog from Jan Shure & Cyndy Lessing , of SoSensational.


The fashion guide for grown-up women.

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