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Tips for Plus Size Mother of the Bride

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Today, there are dresses for every shape and size, and plus size shopping is much easier than it used to be. But outfits for the mother of the bride or groom require careful consideration, as there may be rules or certain wedding etiquette to adhere to. This means that some mothers or grandmothers may not be able to select their usual go-to styles. That doesn’t mean that options are slim though – it’s just about selecting the right cut, colour, fabric and silhouette.  

Go for sharp tailoring 

Tailored pieces pack a lot of power. In an instant, they can make you feel confident, no matter your size or shape. Consider a trouser suit if dresses really aren’t for you, and don’t forget the importance of finding the right pair of shoes to match – adding height and completing your look. 

Choose the right dress length

Knee length and midi length dresses are the most common styles for the mother of the bride, both of which work well on different body shapes. They provide enough coverage while still looking feminine, but it’s important to choose the correct length for your height. Elongate your body with a shorter dress cut if you are 5’4″ or shorter. However, this doesn’t rule out midi dresses for shorter ladies, just as long as you can create balance – and you can always choose a higher heel if you need. 

Find the right pattern

Avoiding patterns and prints when you’re plus size is a common misconception that many are told in the world of fashion. The truth is there are so many different prints out there, and it’s about finding the right one for you. Vertical stripes can elongate, geometric prints can create movement, and floral prints can add texture. It’s also important to consider the placement of the print, as some patterns may work wonders for drawing attention to your best bits and covering the areas you’re most self-conscious about. 

Wear a hat for balance

Large hats can be great for creating balance in your look and also for achieving an eye-catching look. Draw attention away from other areas, add some height to your body, and arrive at the venue with show-stopping drama. If you’re worried about your legs being on show, a hat is the perfect diversion. 

Don’t forget a jacket 

One of our best style tips for plus size ladies is to opt for a jacket or coat to complete your look. Don’t treat your outerwear as an afterthought. Instead, design your entire ensemble with a suitable jacket in mind from the start. Not only are jackets and blazers good for coverage, but they add depth and dimension to your look too. 

Avoid trends  

If you’re really struggling to find plus size mother of the bride outfits that flatter your shape, avoid current trends – especially for in-season colours and prints. It’s important to choose the colourings that work best with your skin tone. Stick with the tried-and-tested colour palettes for your figure, while still having fun with different looks.