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Ronald Joyce Mother Of The Bride Dresses

This marriage of two great wedding fashion-design names has brought an exquisite collection for mothers of the bride and groom. Having inherited her flair for fashion from her Italian grandmother and trained at London College of Fashion, Veni Infantino developed a distinctive signature style based on elegant and figure-enhancing tailoring.

The beautiful 2019 collection that we are proud to include in our London and Manchester boutiques offers styles to flatter different shapes and ensure confidence at weddings and other very special occasions. Veni Infantino always offers a beautiful colour palette and this season it encompasses delicate blues and corals, fashionable burnished shades and timeless navy with white. There is also inspired use of contrast and reverse patterning on some outfits.

We think mothers of the bride and groom will also love the fine details in beading and lace – some with a touch of sparkle – and the fashionable and comfortable three-quarter length sleeves that feature on many outfits. While the classic dress and neat jacket combination is much in evidence, flattering longer-line waterfall styles are also available alongside a standout full-skirted dress that ticks all the boxes for high-glamour occasion dressing.

A one to one shopping experience…

We offer a one to one shopping experience, where we guide you through the sometimes daunting task of finding the perfect outfit for that perfect day.
We have a vast range of styles, and sizes from 6/20 with matching hats. The Big Day of the wedding is the second most important day of your life, after the birth of your daughter or son, so make sure you get the best advice so you can shine too on the Big Day.
We are open 7 days a week and you don't need an appointment, visit us at:
Veni Infantino 991465
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Veni Infantino 991476
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Veni Infantino 991472
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Veni Infantino 991457
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Veni Infantino 991470
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Veni Infantino 991461
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Veni Infantino 991492
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Veni Infantino 991485
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Veni Infantino 991466
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Veni Infantino 991477
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Veni Infantino 991455
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Veni Infantino 991486
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Veni Infantino 991424
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Veni Infantino 991434
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Veni Infantino 991415
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Veni Infantino 991459
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Veni Infantino 991438
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Veni Infantino 991481
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Veni Infantino 991419
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Veni Infantino 991405
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991404 C/I
Veni Infantino 991404 C/I
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991445
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Veni Infantino 991471
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Veni Infantino 991464
Just Arrived
991404 S/B
Veni Infantino 991404 S/B
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991402
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Veni Infantino 991487
Just Arrived
991334 S/I
Veni Infantino 991334 S/I
Just Arrived
991329 C/I
Veni Infantino 991329 C/I
Just Arrived London Only
Veni Infantino 991448
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991410
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991437
Just Arrived
991305 A/I
Veni Infantino 991305 A/I
Just Arrived
991334 S/B
Veni Infantino 991334 S/B
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991403
Just Arrived
991329 S/B
Veni Infantino 991329 S/B
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991429
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991328
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991411
Just Arrived
991406 T
Veni Infantino 991406 T
Just Arrived
991449 P
Veni Infantino 991449 P
Just Arrived
991406 S
Veni Infantino 991406 S
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 29349
Just Arrived
991401 A/I
Veni Infantino 991401 A/I
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991401
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991447
Just Arrived
991446 A
Veni Infantino 991446 A
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991425
Just Arrived
991449 A
Veni Infantino 991449 A
Just Arrived
Veni Infantino 991431
Just Arrived
991441 P/C
Veni Infantino 991441 P/C
Just Arrived
991441 B/G
Veni Infantino 991441 B/G
Just Arrived
991305 N/I
Veni Infantino 991305 N/I
Just Arrived
991301 T/I
Veni Infantino 991301 T/I
Just Arrived
991301 A/I
Veni Infantino 991301 A/I
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Veni Infantino Invitations 29325
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Veni Infantino Invitations 29331
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Veni Infantino 991361
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Veni Infantino Invitations 29324
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Veni Infantino Invitations 29335
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991305 C
Veni Infantino 991305 C
Now In Stock In London
Veni Infantino Invitations 29336
Now in Stock in London
991301 VR/I
Veni Infantino 991301 VR/I
Now In Stock
Veni Infantino 991382
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991383 T/I
Veni Infantino 991383 T/I
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Veni Infantino 991384
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Veni Infantino 991368
Now In Stock in Manchester
Veni Infantino 991370
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What mums said about us …

My wife and I visited your london
Store on a Sunday morning 5/AUG
We were unsure about what to expect but we needn't have worried.
From the moment we walked in we were put at ease by Caroline,
Her friendly manner and guidance were a joy.
There is no pressure selling or time constraints, you are made to feel very special
So thank you Caroline for making my wife feel special,
We had a great experience and would recommend that all mothers of the bride should visit your shop

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