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Hey good morning Nigel!

Well, I have to say, in all my tender 62 years, most of my wardrobe I've chosen has been bought 'on the hop' so to say.

It's very rare I have gone to seek a particular outfit and found one!

However, yesterday was the exception! I saw the ones you put by, decided straight away the one I thought was a pale pink, was more apricot or pale peach which I couldn't have chosen, so I'm SO pleased I made the effort to travel and within 30 mins my lovely husband bought me the pale grey dress and chiffon coat. Oh and a hat to boot!!

So after having a quick lunch a few doors down, we caught a much earlier train and were home by 4pm in Stratford upon avon.

So I went straight to the gym before I went out ! So all in all a busy day!

We all love the outfit including my daughter who's wedding it is and so I had to say YES TO THE DRESS!

Thank You for your help NIGEL. I'm sorry not to have met you & will recommend you to my friends.

Just getting ready for work now & then off to gym again. The dress is a tad snug and work needs to be done on this body, when I thought I had 6 months to achieve my weight goal!

I mean, what's a girl supposed to do???

Take care & have a good day!!

Kind regards,

Diana. x
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