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Irresistible Mother Of The Bride Dresses & Outfits

Contemporary and flattering occasion dressing

This capsule collection from Irresistible is perfect for the mother of the bride or wedding guest who wants to create a confident and modern impression.

The gowns in our choice collection are available in sophisticated neutral silver, gold and platinum, with feminine blossom, pink and purple also in the mix. They use clever draping to flatter and enhance the female figure, creating standout style that is perfectly suited to cocktail or day-into-evening weddings and events such as racedays. Their fine fabrics and elegant details such as dramatic necklines, appliqué and lace mean you just need a luxurious stole or wrap to finish them off.

Irresistible IR4011
Coming Soon
Irresistible 4012
Coming Soon
IR4018 B/N
Irresistible IR4018 B/N
Coming Soon
IR3028 R
Irresistible IR3028 R
Coming Soon
IR4008 S
Irresistible IR4008 S
Coming Soon
IR4008 I
Irresistible IR4008 I
Coming Soon
IR4023 F
Irresistible IR4023 F
Coming Soon
Irresistible IR4028
Coming Soon
Irresistible IR4053
Coming Soon
Irresistible IR4020
Coming Soon
Irresistible IR4022
Coming Soon
Irresistible IR4023
Coming Soon
IR8624 N
Irresistible IR8624 N
Coming Soon
IR8624 O
Irresistible IR8624 O
Coming Soon
IR8624 B
Irresistible IR8624 B
Coming Soon
IR8624 MB
Irresistible IR8624 MB
Coming Soon
IR8624 S
Irresistible IR8624 S
Coming Soon
Irresistible IR3006
Now In Stock
Irresistible IR3028
Coming Soon
IR3004 MB
Irresistible IR3004 MB
Now In Stock
Irresistible IR3007
Now In Stock in London
IR8624 SA
Irresistible IR8624 SA
Now In Stock in London
Irresistible IR3030
Now In Stock in London
IR8624 DP
Irresistible IR8624 DP
Now In Stock
Irresistible IR2032
Now In Stock
IR2008 S
Irresistible IR2008 S
Now In Stock In London
IR2002 B
Irresistible IR2002 B
Now In Stock
IR8624 PP
Irresistible IR8624 PP
Now In Stock
IR2002 P
Irresistible IR2002 P
Now In Stock
IR8624 PB
Irresistible IR8624 PB
Now In Stock
Irresistible IR2003
Now In Stock
IR8106 PP
Irresistible IR8106 PP
Now In Stock
IR8106 S
Irresistible IR8106 S
Now In Stock In Manchester
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