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Frequently Asked Questions We Hear In Our Stores

When should I look for my outfit?
We carry stock all year round, however, January is when the main delivery for the year comes into stock, if your wedding is pre July, this is the best time to look. We then have another top up delivery around May-June for weddings later in the year, however, the deliveries tend to be smaller quantities so earlier is generally better.

Help, I loved an outfit, however my size was out of stock?
Unfortunately, the majority of designers do not make to order to keep an exclusivity to the garments and their labels. We generally receive one in each size and then once sold we are unable to obtain again.

I am a young modern mum and do not want the traditional look?
Don’t panic, we have ranges to cater for a mums of any age and style. Things can tend to look older on the hanger, is it not until they are on a body that they come to life. The best advise I can give, is to be completely open and try things you would never normally try. What is there to lose?

Can I bring my family and friends with me?
You are more than welcome to bring whoever you wish, however, we would say people are most successful with limited numbers as it can be overwhelming with the more people you bring.

Should I stick to the bridesmaids colours?
This is slightly trickier; each wedding theme is different. We generally suggest going with a colour that compliments the bridesmaids colours rather than trying to match as it is unlikely you will get an exact match.

The wedding is in a venue not a Church, can I still wear a Hatinator
Absolutely! This special occasion will only happen once, just because it’s not in a Church doesn’t mean you can’t wear a hat. Guests tend to still wear fascinators so you will not look out of place. Embrace and enjoy the experience.
My wedding is a Winter wedding do the outfits come in heavier fabrics?
All of the outfits are in transitional fabrics that can be worn all year round. Some come with jackets and some are standalone dresses, that can easily be teamed with fake fur wrap or short jacket to take the chill away.
I look and prefer brightly coloured outfits but they seem to be mainly light or neutrals?
The majority of wedding outfits are focused on soft muted tones as they complement perfectly with the bridal party and ensure some stunning photo opportunities. Don’t worry, although you may feel you do not suit lighter colours, it is more finding the right tone for your complexion.
It’s a black tie wedding, but I can’t find long.
Unfortunately, long dresses are hard to come across in the UK as the demand is not as high and we are unable to offer a wide enough range for you to be able to find the perfect dress. 

I’m trying to lose weight so I look and feel my best on the big day so can I wait until closer to the date?
The great news is that in both boutiques we have a full alteration service. We always advise to go with the size the currently fits as we can take anything in to achieve the perfect fit. However, the dresses do not have any seam allowance to let out.

Do you offer alterations?
Each boutique has a full alteration service to ensure the perfect fit on the day.

How much time should I allow to try on?
Please allow at least two hours when visiting our London or Manchester Boutiques. There is a vast range of styles and colours, and the average mum tries between 6-8 dresses, it’s better to have choice than feel rushed and make a wrong decision.

Do I need an appointment? If not, can I still make one?
We offer a no appointment policy, this is to ensure you do not feel rushed into making a decision so quickly. It is best to take your time and not feel pressured that you only have 5 minutes left.

What sizes do you stock?
We stock sizes 6-20 with a wide range within these sizes.

I’ve had surgery which resulted in a mastectomy, I feel self conscious and am nervous about coming in.
A mastectomy is devastating for any woman and I can not imagine how you feel. Please don’t feel shy or uncomfortable mentioning it when it comes to trying on and selecting an outfit. Our seamstresses in both London and Manchester regularly see ladies who have suffered this awful tragedy but with skilled alterations and the perfect outfit no one need know.

What mums said about us …

Dear Leila Happy New Year to you. I thought you would like to see some photos of my daughter Sarah's Wedding on the 3rd November at Hill Place, Swanmore, Hampshire. I purchased the Condici outfit from you at the beginning of July and you made the whole process so exciting and relaxing. Everything went smoothly and you were able to allay all my fears. A big thank you, it was much appreciated. Kind regards Cathy Lloyd-Williams
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