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Mother Of The Bride Hats And Hattinators

Our hats and fascinators are the perfect finishing touch to your mother of the bride or groom outfit.

Nigel Rayment trained at London College of Fashion and was apprenticed to a notable Royal hatmaker before embarking (over 30 years ago) on a career dedicated to creating hats for mothers of the bride and groom. Now with over 700 stockists worldwide, he has a glamorous and always wearable signature style and firmly believes there is a hat or fascinator to suit every face and add that glamorous flourish to complete your wedding-day ensemble.

We are able to offer you an unrivalled selection of these exquisite headpieces at our London and Manchester Nigel Rayment boutiques. These dazzling and fashionable designs are made in fine materials such as organza, silk, tulle and sinamay and finished with exquisite hand-dyed feathers, flowers or special details such as beads and sequins.

We offer exclusive hats and fascinators already dyed to match and perfectly complement the many designers in our collection – from Condici and Teresa Ripoll to John Charles and Ian Stuart. You will also find limited edition boutique pieces and very special ‘One in the World’ Nigel Rayment signature styles that are totally unique one-off pieces.

Our skilled staff are happy to show you all the different style and colour options in our fantastic collection and help you find the perfect finishing touch for your big event.

A one to one shopping experience…

We offer a one to one shopping experience, where we guide you through the sometimes daunting task of finding the perfect outfit for that perfect day.
We have a vast range of styles, and sizes from 6/20 with matching hats. The Big Day of the wedding is the second most important day of your life, after the birth of your daughter or son, so make sure you get the best advice so you can shine too on the Big Day.
We are open 7 days a week and you don't need an appointment, visit us at:
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We would like to inform you when your dream dress, outfit or hat has arrived in store, so why not leave your details by contacting us, or calling the London Boutique & Hat Shop on 0207 258 3331 or Manchester Boutique & Hat Shop 0161 834 4633, and we will let you know when it arrives.

What mums said about us …

Hello Sean

Thank you so much for your kind response.

Just to let you know I did call into the boutique after my hospital appointment feeling very underdressed, unconfident, self conscious and out of place. And then your lovely Linda came over to say hello and assist me. I took up almost an hour and a half of her time gingerly looking at and trying dresses that may suit. Nothing was too much trouble for her. She selected a number of garments and gave her opinion and advice along with encouragement when required. During my visit she helped me select my dress, hat, bag and shoes. I just want to let you know that Linda was such a help. She was friendly, kind, patient and supporting. A really lovely lady. I really do not think I would have been able to find such an important outfit on my own and I really value her assistance.

I just felt it was important for you to know.

Warm regards

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