Wedding Hat Etiquette Guide

You should wear a hat whenever you can. One of the few places you can wear a hat without raising eyebrows is to a wedding.

How to pick a suitable wedding hat

Those in the millinery trade look forward to the summer every year. Why? Because this season brings about garden parties, racing events and weddings that require people to begin their search for suitable headwear. For anyone attending a wedding this summer, or even any time this year, we’ve compiled a handy guide before you begin your search for wedding hats and fascinators.

Know the dress code

As soon as the wedding invite came through your door, you might have been thinking about the headpiece you want to wear on the day but make sure that you’re aware of the dress code before you start shopping for an outfit to match. It might be that the bride and groom have decided to go for a less-traditional wedding. Therefore, a hat may not be deemed appropriate.  Another thing to take into consideration is the venue.

Choosing a wedding hat to suit your style

Be confident that you’ve chosen a hat that you feel comfortable in and that suits your overall style. When you’re choosing a hat, one of the first things you should consider if your face shape. If you’re lucky enough to have a heart or oval face shape, then it’s likely that you’ll suit any shaped hat. For those with a round face, try a smaller headpiece design with something such as feathers that will elongate and heighten your face.  Something a little angular will also help ladies with this face shape as it will create definition.

Consider the photographer with your hat

It’s a wedding photographer’s nightmare to have to deal with guests wearing hats that drown their head and shoulders on pictures. If you want to be seen as more than a large hat on the wedding photos, make sure to go for something that doesn’t swap you. Remember that bigger does not always mean better – it is you that is wearing the hat, not the other way around.

Mother knows best

The general rule goes that the mother of the groom should always choose a hat that is smaller than the mother of the bride. Additionally, if you want to keep things traditional, the mother of the bride should be the one to dictate when other ladies may remove their hats or fascinators. Mother of the bride hats can come in all shapes and sizes, too.

Accessorize well

If you’ve chosen quite a bold hat, make sure not to overdo it with the rest of your accessories. If you’ve chosen a hat that is truly unique, you’ll want to make it the star of the show. For weddings, it’s best to opt for understated jewellery that won’t upstage the elegance of your dress.

Stick to the season

When it comes to choosing your outfit, one thing that may determine which colour you go for is the season. For autumn and winter weddings, you may want to go for darker tones whereas, in warmer weather, light colours and florals tend to rule the show.

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