Royal Ascot Dress Code

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Your dress code and style guide for Royal Ascot 2019

Since the 18th century, Royal Ascot has been a British horse racing event that goes hand in hand with elegance. In 1922, a journalist for The Times commented that Royal Ascot was “notoriously the best place in England to see beautiful women in beautiful clothes” but by the 20th century, the main focus shifted to headwear. As time progressed, hats became more outlandish and extravagant, with the many eccentric styles turning it into somewhat of a tradition. Today, despite the strict dress code, guests will contribute to the event as if it was a fashion show in its own right and still manage to stand out from the crowd with unique, and often daring, hats and headwear.

Whether you’re planning on spending your time in the Royal Enclosure, the Queen Anne Enclosure, the Village Enclosure or the Windsor Enclosure, there is always a Royal Ascot dress code that you are expected to follow. Both men and ladies treat the event as a formal occasion and ladies, in particular, should take note of the following.

Royal Enclosure
Regarded as the heart of Royal Ascot, the Royal Enclosure was originally reserved as an exclusive space for the Royal Family and their guests. This is why this area has the strictest dress code of any enclosure within the event. Formal daywear includes modest length dresses and skirts, no strapless or off the shoulder dresses or tops and a hat or a headpiece with a solid base of 4 inches that must always be worn. In the Royal Enclosure, fascinators are not permitted. This year, Royal Ascot has introduced the jumpsuit as an acceptable form of clothing for the Royal Enclosure which harks back to the introduction of the Trouser Suit in 1971.

Queen Anne Enclosure and Village Enclosure
Ladies in both of these areas are encouraged to dress for a formal occasion. Much like the Royal Enclosure, strapless or sheer dresses are not permitted, but Ascot hat rules are laxer. Here, a headpiece or a fascinator may instead be worn. Royal Ascot hats tend to be the star of the show when it comes to the event, and many that we offer on our site will adhere to the given requirements.

Windsor Enclosure
Although encouraged, there is no formal dress code within the Windsor Enclosure, but those present still take it as an opportunity to dress in a more elegant style than they would normally do.  At Nigel Rayment Boutique we have a number of Royal Ascot dresses that will be perfect for any enclosure you’re planning on visiting.

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