Tips For Mother Of The Bride & Groom Outfits


When it comes to choosing the right outfit for your daughter’s wedding or son’s wedding, it can be tricky knowing where to start. Many questions may be running through your head. What dress style is appropriate? How covered should you be? Should you wear a hat or a fascinator? 

We know that all proud mums want to look their best on such a special day, so we’ve compiled the best tips for mother of the bride outfits and mother of the groom outfits to help you out.

Our top tips for shopping 

The shopping experience can be just as important as the outfit you choose. Make sure you’re prepared for what’s ahead with these helpful tips from us:

  • Get inspiration

Before going to a boutique, search through magazines or look online for ideas. This will give you the starting point you need. Our designer lookbook of mother of the bride and groom outfits is a good place to begin.

  • Keep an open mind

The most important tip we can give you is to try lots of different dress styles. Go shopping armed with ideas and styles you have seen, and tell the shop assistant what you have in mind. But never discount other dresses as you won’t know what looks good on until you try it. In our experience, 9 out of 10 ladies leave our boutique with something they would never have thought they would wear! 

  • Shop for day to night

Look for an outfit that can see you through from day to night. Many dress and jacket combinations transform into a different outfit once the jacket is taken off, giving you a fresh look for the evening. 

  • Buy the right size

It can be tempting to shop for smaller sizes with the intention of losing weight, but why put yourself under extra pressure? If you want to lose weight, buy the dress that fits perfectly at that time and have it altered closer to the time. Remember, it’s easy to take a dress in but not always possible to take it out. 

Tips for finding the right style

If you are unsure of what style of dress to go for, trends can be a great way to get inspired. But trend shopping doesn’t always get results. One of the most important tips for mother of the bride outfits is to find a shape and colour that suits you, regardless of what’s ‘in’. 

It’s also very important to shop for your body shape, as everyone is different. 

Tips for curvy figures:

We’re proud to stock Condici mother of the bride and groom outfits, a prestigious brand with bags of advice for our shoppers. According to this label, the golden rule for complementing a curvy figure is ensuring that the jacket to go with the dress or trousers is long enough to extend past the hips. This transforms the silhouette to be more slender and streamlined. 

Additionally, ruching, pleats and layered fabric are great for hiding imperfections. So there are many ways to make your outfit work for you, even if you’re self-conscious about certain areas.

Tips for petite figure:

For petite women, the secret, according to Condici, lies in accentuating the best attributes of your figure by wearing a shorter jacket. This will create a perfect silhouette that is flattering in all the right places. For shorter ladies who want to elongate their figure, try to opt for a slightly shorter dress length and style with high heels. 

For more helpful style tips based on your body type, see our style advice page.  

Hat buying tips

Many customers think that they don’t suit hats, but that’s usually because they haven’t been properly fitted for a hat before. The high street simply doesn’t cater for everyone’s different needs, but a specialist boutique has so many styles to choose from and there’s something for everyone. 

  • Try different hat styles

At Nigel Rayment, we are milliners by trade, so we are experienced in helping women find the perfect headpiece to complete their look. From large, show-stopping hats to classy hatinators that don’t obstruct the face for kissing and greeting other guests, or elegant fascinators to keep it simple, there are so many to try. 

  • Don’t try to hide the band

Fascinators and hatinators come with a band and this is a stylish feature that is a part of the design. We advise women to embrace it as it often adds to their outfit. But if you would like to keep it hidden, just see your hairdresser to discuss hairstyle options that can cover the band. 

General tips for mother of the groom outfits

All of our useful shopping tips apply to the mothers of the groom as well as the mothers of the bride, and a lot of the etiquette is the same. But it’s also good to remember that traditionally, the mother of the bride would purchase her outfit first. This is an old fashioned way of doing things, and many wedding parties don’t follow this rule anymore. However, just to be sure, it’s always a good idea to check. 

Whether you are the mother of the groom or bride, we have a range of dresses to suit you. And we believe that every shopping experience is unique, so whether you’re coming alone, with your son/daughter, or all together as a group, you should embrace the day. It should be a fun day when you try on dresses, so don’t get disheartened if the first few outfits aren’t right. 

Our final words…

So our final tip is to come to our boutique and try on different colours, silhouettes, fabrics and styles. Our experienced team will help you establish what looks and feels good for the special day.  

And don’t be shy either! Never be afraid to be upfront about what you really like or don’t like. This makes our job easier and we can find your perfect outfit much quicker. 

We hope our tips have helped. Get in touch today to book an appointment at our London or Manchester boutique to start trying on your dream outfit.