My Wedding

Here you will find photos of weddings and special events that have been styled by Nigel Rayment. They give you an insight to real weddings and what you could be wearing to your daughter or sons wedding. We have 6 highly experienced stylists working with us at the boutique and they will take you through the collections and help you to find the outfit and hat that makes you look and feel amazing.

What mums said about us …

Where do I start? Oh yes, my daughter is getting married next July and the search started early. I first came to Nigel Rayment (as the MOB) along with the MOG - I tried on some outfits but unfortunately at that time couldn't find the one - although MOG did and she was delighted, and returned with her husband the following weekend and walked away with her outfit.
I came back on my own one Friday and Jess and Kathy were again there and it was lovely and quiet and I had a brilliant time trying on other outfits (especially as the sale had started and so allowed me to try on outfits which had previously been outside my price range). Two outfits found and Jess kindly took pictures on my phone so I could ping them to my daughter who was at work - she loved them both but preferred the John Charles in Tulip...I went away and had a coffee with said daughter then practically ran back to NR's and collected the outfit there and then. However, over the weekend doubts about the fitting (I had to buy a size up for later alteration) crept in and I emailed Sean for advice on everything. Sean happened to be on hols at the time - so I really appreciated him taking time out from that to respond. He advised that I take the outfit back to the shop on Sunday when Kathy would be there and discuss the alterations required and they would do all the could to ensure that everything went well.
On arriving earlier than shop opened I met Nigel who welcomed me in, made me a coffee and put all my fears to rest. On the arrival of Kathy I tried the outfit on and Kathy pinned and showed me how it would look on the day. I can't get over how kind and lovely this team are - a rarity these days.
I came home bubbling with excitement and now can't wait for my daughter's big day. Looking forward to seeing Kathy for alteration day next May/June.
Thank you again for all the help and patience shown with my 'wobble' - I really do feel a million dollars in this outfit and I can't wait to send you all a picture of myself with my daughter on her day.

Sue xx
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